Fishing Guides

Fishing Guides

The Best in the Northland Available to You at Ray’s Sport and Marine

Jeff Sundin
Early Bird Fishing Guide Service
(218) 246-2375
Sean Colter
Sunrise Guide Service
(218) 326-8350

Justin Bailey Fishing and guide service
Justin Bailey (218)259-9932

Greg Clusiau(218)969-9147

Hangloose Outdoors

Randy Erola

Remington Fishing Guide Service

(218) 259-2012

Tom Neustrom
Walleye Visions
(218) 327-2312
Andy Walsh
Googlyeyed Guide

Jeff Skelly
(218) 326-2034
Matt Shermoen
Border Country Outdoor Adventures
Rainy Lake & Rainy River
(218) 324-0474

Rod & Nik Dimich

Minnesota Fishing GuidesRoy Girtz of Royal Guide Service in Grand Rapids, MN is a Minnesota Fishing Guide. - Royal Guide Service of Grand Rapids, MN, provides guided fishing trips on the lakes and rivers of northern Minnesota.
Tim Bymark
Bimmy's Fillets &
Feathers Guide Service